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Gypsy Canyon Bulldogs

Our Horses
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This is my beautiful Gypsy Vanner, Malachi. We call him Ki for short. He is a rare breed brought to the states 5 years ago. He was imported from Ireland. He was raised by a family of Gypsy's. He is a lovely horse to ride. We have been very successful at showing with him. He has won Grand Champion. He is also awesome on the trails. They are a fun horse to learn about. If you'd like to learn more about this wonderful breed you can go to:






This is Sam and my beloved mare, Mayzee. I raised Mayzee from a weanling. She is my heart when it comes to my horses. She is also an awesome horse. She is a great family horse. She is a Belgium Warmblood.


This is Timbre and her pony, Trinket. Timbre got Trinket for her 2nd birthday. They are quite the team together. Trinket is a Shetland pony. Timbre sure loves her little pony.

Gypsy Canyon Bulldogs
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